Monday, February 6, 2012

sibling relationships

Today I realized that, although we have done research to add dimension to our intuition and experiential understanding of parenting (especially when our kids were babies, and most especially when we were becoming first time parents), it's been awhile since I've read up on parenting strategies that would resonate with our current life situation. Our sons have a special and amazing relationship, but as they grow and change I'm feeling like it's the right time to check in on what knowledge and information are floating about regarding nurturing the sibling bond. Is it very different if the siblings are same gander or different gender? Not sure; Matt and I were both raised with sister(s) and no brothers, so this boy world seems a little exotic.
Does anyone have book - or other- recommendations?
Here's an example in the form of a blog (that may no longer exist) that outlined some obvious stuff- but if you're like me, the obvious is an outstretched hand I will gratefully grab in moments of feeling overwhelmed.


  1. "My son tried to pour water on our hardwood floors to see the wood 'buckle'"...Priceless!

    There are undoubtedly exceptions, but I would say the bond between same gender siblings is more intense (more opportunities for shared interests and/or rivalry). However, with that intensity comes the opportunity for a close friendship that is incomparable.

    I have a book called "siblings without rivalry", although it may be more focused on issues that your boys don't have. You are welcome to borrow it! I bought it a bit prematurely and haven't looked at it in years, but it is highly recommended.

  2. thanks Becca. I'll borrow it gladly. probably not til after break... have a great time in Taos!