Friday, September 2, 2011

on math

This blog could be a good place to post links of potential interest to the Acton community- I'll begin with this one:


  1. "It is through real-life applications that mathematics emerged in the past, has flourished for centuries and connects to our culture now."

    this is not always true. And it would be very shortsighted to only teach math within the context of "real life". Often the most practical mathematics came about because of pure abstract thinking - the art of math. I'd hate for kids to think math is only awesome because it helps you do things in "real life". if that's the approach, then why teach art? music? pe?

    there's a lot of value in knowledge for the sake of knowledge.

    and i doubt anyone, no matter how skilled, can truly define what's a real life application and what isn't.

    you'd be surprised how many people do algebra all day long. ...

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