Thursday, May 13, 2010

school lunches

I'd love to know your opinion on our lunch program - how important is it to you that we provide this service? Does it add value to your life and your child's life? Would you like to have your child bring his/her own lunch next year rather than pay for us to provide lunch? Now that we have some time under our belt, I'd like to assess how important this program is to you. Thanks for feedback!


  1. We love the school lunch program. It is well worth the money for us and we will continue to participate next year if it is offered. The kids like the variety of choices from one day to the next.

  2. The school lunch program is great, although I would not mind making Bodhi's lunch. I made it for years before he started Acton, so I'd be fine either way. Eventually, I would love to see Patricia's Lunchbox take over, but we'd have to have a much larger group of kids for it to work.

  3. Love the lunch program. I don't mind making it every day, but would not want to make it a habit.